Autopower Rollbar – Impressions

Well, I installed the Autopower Rollbar today shortly before ptmon came over and we traded decklids (He purchased my spoiler). After all the garage work was done I went for a little drive. I was amazed at how solid the car feels now. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. I forgot to weigh the bar to see how much weight I added. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe 15-20 lbs.

I did lose 6lbs off the rear after “removing the spoiler”. I’ll gain another 4.6 lbs once I install the real TRD one. Not sure when I’ll get around to that though.

But anyway, i don’t want to thread drift too much…

Here are some comments on the install:

  • I followed the instructions on spydermagazine for the most part.
    Take off the door sil plastics in addition to the other 3 pieces. it will make it easier...
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