Hass 380-410 Injector Flow Test Results

I bought the Hass 380-410 injectors from Web 3.0 a little while ago and decided to get them cleaned and flow tested after it was suggested to me by aaronjb.

It’s a good thing I had them tested too. I wouldn’t have had the right sizing to factor into my PFC if I didn’t. Here’s the results:

Before Cleaning:
335, 335, 335, 342

After Cleaning:
340, 340, 345, 345

test pressure was 43.5psi
performed at 0.775 specific gravity at 5000rpm with 6.0ms pulse width.

I don’t blame Web 3.0. I’m sure that’s how the injectors were sold to him with a the hass kit or whatever and he was just passing the info along. That’s my assumption anyway.

My reason for posting this is to caution anyone doing any specific tuning with these injectors and sizing them in a PFC...

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