New wheels and tires for autocross

After competing in 4 events, I was really feeling how heavy my big 17″ wheels were.  I wasn’t quite ready to trailer my wheels to an event.  So I bought some nice tires to go on 15″ Flik Blast-C wheels from Edge Racing.  The tires were Hankook R-S2’s.  They were a little grippier than the Nitto tires that I had on the car already.  When I bought the wheels, I picked them up and had 1 in the frunk, 2 in the passenger seat area and 1 behind the driver’s seat.  It was a LONG drive home from Medley, Florida that day.  My knees were at my ears and doing anything but moving calmly in my same lane was a mission.  I made it home safe and sound though...

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Big Wheels keep on turnin’ … But slower

As you may or may not know, I recently bought some new wheels and tires to use for autocrossing. I like how my Big TSW’s look better than the Flik’s that I bought, but the Fliks are smaller and lighter. Here’s a pic of the new wheels on my car:


I did some PMD’s (Poor Mans Dyno) with the new wheels/tires vs the old wheels/tires. Before I list those results, here are some stats on the wheel and tire combos.

Weight (using bathroom scale):
RF – TSW Revo 17×8 with Nitto NT555 205/40/17 = 42.2lbs
RR – TSW Revo 17×8 with Nitto NT555 225/40/17 = 43.6lbs

RF – Flik Blast-C 15×6.5 with Hankook Ventus Rs2 Z212 205/50/15 = 34.2
RR – Flik Blast-C 15×6.5 with Hankook Ventus Rs2 Z212 205/50/15 = 34.0
So the weight difference is nearly 10lbs (9.4) for the rear wheel!

PMD Results:
1/2 tank of gas

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