Infinity Reference 6020cs

I had some mounting issues initially, but eventually, I was able to install my new speakers.
For the install, I needed the following:

  • 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 1 small flat blade screwdriver
  • 1 medium sized flat blade screwdriver
  • 1 regular sized philips screwdriver (the one I used was magnetic and it helped a little).
  • 1 Dremel with cutoff wheel (Yes, you read that right).
  • Some speaker wire. Not much, but enough to run from the stock speaker wire location to the crossover and some wire to run from the crossover to the tweeter.
  • 3M double sided tape (I had a roll of the stuff in the garage).
  • 4 medium-large zip-ties
  • 4 small zip-ties
  • wire strippers/cutters
  • crimper tool
  • 4 female blade connector ends
  • some shrink tubing
  • hair dryer (Or heat gun)
  • 4 crimpable wire nut things.
  • 4 small...
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