Meguires Plastx

I’ve been meaning to try this stuff out for a while on my head lights. I just never got around to picking any up. Then my Brother-in-law got some and did his headlights. So he hooked me up with the stuff and I just finished using it on my headlights. The overall process is pretty easy. it’s *kind of* like a wax. Only you don’t need to wait for it to dry to buff it off. I still let it sit for a little while just because I thought it might give better results. I’m not sure if that was necessary. Also, I taped off the surrounding area so I wouldn’t get any of the stuff on the paint of rubber.

Here’s all the stuff that’s needed to use the product:

Here’s a before shot of my left headlight:

Here, is after I applied the PlastX to the headlight with the applicator pad:

And here’s after I buffe...

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