Scissor Lift

The easier way to do this might be with a scissor lift in the garage.  I’ve been pricing these out for a while now and a friend of mine actually has one that he’s happy with.  It will run on 110v so no special 220 outlet required.  It’s low profile, but I’ll still need to build ramps and some other stuff to be able to get the car onto it. However, this, combined with maybe some sort of chain/winch that rests on the top and connects to the engine hooks, could be an easier way to go than the shop crane and transmission jack.  It would probably be about $1500 shipped and weighs 1000 lbs, but it would be used for many things and vehicles.  Plus, I’ve always wanted one.

This lift will require easy storage, so the MR2 will need to be parked on top of it at all times...

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Shop Crane

So in preparation of doing this swap, I’ve been watching the sale ads for Harbor Freight and looking at the shop cranes.  I’m also looking at Transmission Jacks as well as some other lift type things for raising the engine.  One thing that keeps me going back and forth on a final decision is which route should I go?  Should I get a shop crane and then use some jack stands on top of something else to lift the car in the air?  Or should I spend way more money on a scissor lift that I would use for other jobs too?

And, I’m not sure how easy it will be to get the crane in place inside my garage to be able to lift the car.  As you can see from the pic below, I’m going to need to get this under the car, then raise it up and then secure the car on stands of some type...

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Mostly assembled

Nearly all parts are ready on the new engine.  Serpentine belt is installed and new/remanufactured AC compressor is bolted on.  Same with a newer alternator.  Other pulleys are installed and looking good.  New colored coolant/heater hose is on hand and will be put on where appropriate.  Pictures will come soon enough, but I wanted to get some thoughts down and also hopefully provide some motivation to make more progress on this project.

I still need to figure out what thread size and pitch the water fitting holes in the IHI turbo from Power Enterprise are.  I will try to go to Home Depot on an upcoming weekend with the turbo and just keep checking bolts in the hardware section until I find the exact match and then get a good fitting in that size...

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Even Yet Still More Updates

The engine project is moving along slowly.  But is still making progress.  The main thing that remains is getting various parts ordered and ready / installed so that when the time comes to pull the old engine out, the amount of time that the garage stays in ER mode.  Also, on the list of things to change will be the heat exchanger in the front and re-routing some hose.

While the engine is out, I’m going to try to paint the engine bay and clean it up a lot.  I’d like to find a ported oil filter sandwich plate to mount my temp sensor there instead of right next to where the return line from the turbo enters the oil pan.  But I haven’t seen any good options.  If anyone has any suggestions, please post a comment.

More stuff to come later and hopefully with pictures.

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