Finally Inter-Cooled!!!

A few of you may know how long I’ve been planning and waiting for all of the pieces to come in to finally add an Air-to-Water Intercooler to my setup. Well, that wait is FINALLY over! It was a combined effort to acquire all of the components. I got most of the system from Web 3.0 a little over a year ago. It was essentially the inter-cooler kit (minus the actual inter-cooler) for his super charger setup. Then came the inter-cooler itself. I got that from KingSpyder. It’s a PWR barrel cooler with piping that happened to match up perfectly to my Power Enterprise Turbo setup. And I bought a few odds and ends at the hardware and auto part’s stores as well as onlin to complete the whole package. That included things like hose clamps and bendy things and an HKS SSQV BOV.

Most of the waiting was ...

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