P.E. Turbo and Snow Performance Boost Cooler Install

It all started a few months ago or so. I was strolling through the for sale thread and noticed someone selling a used Power Enterprise turbo kit for a pretty cheap price. It had everything the kit comes with. Plus I was able to get the modified fuel pump piece so that was 1 less step I would have to do. In addition to all the turbo goodness, I also bought a Moroso Oil Pan from the same guy.


Now with a turbo on the way, I noticed AuburnSpyder was doing another round of his oil coolers. So I bought one of those too.


And wouldn’t you know it, I was just in time to actually need the awesome cubby pot from Gregg. So I bought that too.


Now I needed to fill the 3 gauge holes. I hunted like crazy for deals and I got them via eBay...

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