MAX LITE HID Light Kit – Review

Well, I installed me some fancy HID’s on my car. Haters may make their “ricer” comments if they wish, but I like them so. 😛

I got the kit from the group buy in the commercial sales forum. The longest part of the install was deciding where to put the ballasts and starters. Well, for those that have bought the kits (or are going to buy them) and haven’t installed yet, you just caught a lucky break. I have pictures of where I mounted mine so it can save you the trouble when installing. The rest is *almost* plug and play.

NOTE: I have a 2001 model so some of what I’m going to tell you may not apply to you or may simply be wrong.

I removed the frunk lid. Then the plastic surround piece. Then I removed the frunk bucket too...

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JNZ Tuning Down Pipe Review

I finally finished editing my video that shows the sound difference between my prior setup and now with the main Cat replaced with the Down Pipe. So I figured I’d take this opportunity to write a full review of the product since I was the first to install.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a really high quality piece. The welds are great and it’s also 8.2 lbs lighter than the stock main cat. The pipe comes with new gaskets for the header side and the cat-back side as well as new hardware for both ends as well (2 Bolts, 5 Nuts, 5 washers)

All 17mm. Installation was done with the car on jack stands and I only removed the under panels to get to the pipe. So here’s how to install it (NOTE: Your results may vary. Follow these instructions at your own risk.)…




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4:3 Wallpaper images

I decided to make a nice wallpaper image for my computer at work and what better subject than …. my car.

Anyway, here’s an 800×600 version to see what it looks like.


Now if you’d like to use this as your wallpaper, here is a 1600×1200 version that’s also a jpg:
1600×1200 jpg -> WP-200701b_1600x1200.jpg

I would recommend this .bmp version which is higher quality than the .jpg version. it’s in a .zip file so just download it and extract it.
1600×1200 bmp in zip file ->

I realize that it’s my car and you may not necessarily want my car on your desktop. But for those who have a TRD stage 1 and a JDM nose badge, it will look like yours.  You may even be able to apply a filter to change the color.

Also, if others have wallpaper images that they’ve made or found, it may...

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