E-Brake Cables

One, or at least one, of my e-brake cables snapped on me a few years back.  I’ve been putting off replacing it since that job requires lowering the fuel tank.  However, with the possibility of a lift on the horizon, this may not be as difficult.  So it’s very possible that during the engine swap process to go to the Engine 2.0, I’ll also fix these cables.  I might even try to get a Hard Dog rollbar by then and do that install too.  But we will see.

One thing I’m not sure of is if there are any stronger cables or of any tips and tricks or best practices to getting these cables routed properly.  I’m also not sure of the best way to support the fuel tank once it’s lowered enough for the cables to clear.  The goal is to try to avoid as much scope-creep as possible...

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Engine Hangers

JapanParts was selling an engine a little while back.

Some people asked about the hangers pictured in it. Tem mentioned that they remove those when the engine is installed and that they were about $5.00 at the dealer. Well, I was looking up some part numbers for other misc fasteners and such and I decided to grab those part numbers in case anyone was interested. I’ve listed the MSRP of the parts, but you can likely get them cheaper depending on your local dealer.

There are 2 hangers. the No. 1 hanger was changed for the Dec, 2002 and up production date. I have no idea what the difference is, but it is a different part number. These were gotten from my microfiche printouts and the prices were gotten from doing a part lookup at the dealer.

No. 1
00-02 = 12281-15040 -> MSRP: $7.66
03-05 = 122...

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Remove those Pre-Cats!

It has been discussed on many forums for several years and all experts agree that you should remove the pre-catalytic converters that are in the Exhaust Manifold.  Here is a brief summary of the problem…  Oil consumption ends up making its way to the honeycomb material of the car and causes it to break up  over time.  Then, some of these solid particles (from the cat) make their way back into the combustion chamber and cause catastrophic engine failure.

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Elusive Part Number for Clips

Well, I spent quite a bit of time going through the repair manual pdf’s and the 00-02 parts list pdf to try to find some clips that I’ve been missing since I got my car. I finally found some diagrams of where the clips were and went to the dealer to order them.

The part number if the image doesn’t show is:

And it’s for the upper luggage compartment garnish (The plastick piece at the top behind the seats.

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