Frunk Enhancements

Some modifications require a bit of fabrication or cutting of the stock components.  And while they are functional modifications, they may not look very good when done.  Here are a few mods that I’ve done in the frunk area that require some extra help in the aesthetics department…

I installed gas struts for the frunk lid.  This is something that should be on all cars.  No more hood props getting in the way.  No more chance of the lid accidentally coming down on you.  I have a gas strut in the rear on the deck lid too.  But that only required a special bracket.  The front requires some cutting of the frunk surround.  As you will see in the pic below, I cut the plastic portion of the surround / shroud.  I also used some vacuum tubing to create a more finished edge.  I did this by cutting down one side and then fitting it over the cut, flat, plastic part.

I used this same technique on the area that I cut for the Tanabe front Strut Tower Bar.  Only with the bar, I wanted to just have the upper ends of the brackets exposed.  And I used a hole saw to cut a 5″ diameter hole for the camber adjustment on my coilovers.  I used vacuum tubing for those pieces too.  This required a but of finesse with cutting since I had to join it at one end (it is in a circle after all).  I think they came out pretty good.

And here’s a nice view from the front.  You’ll also notice that I have a fabric frunk cover from Dev installed.  This is necessary due to the front STB being installed.  Without that, the bin is exposed and just doesn’t look that great.

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