New wheels and tires for autocross

After competing in 4 events, I was really feeling how heavy my big 17″ wheels were.  I wasn’t quite ready to trailer my wheels to an event.  So I bought some nice tires to go on 15″ Flik Blast-C wheels from Edge Racing.  The tires were Hankook R-S2’s.  They were a little grippier than the Nitto tires that I had on the car already.  When I bought the wheels, I picked them up and had 1 in the frunk, 2 in the passenger seat area and 1 behind the driver’s seat.  It was a LONG drive home from Medley, Florida that day.  My knees were at my ears and doing anything but moving calmly in my same lane was a mission.  I made it home safe and sound though.  Now, on the Saturday before an event, I would change my wheels and tires in the garage and air up the tires so my time at the event could be more wisely spent walking the course and socializing with my new friends that I had met doing the events.

The car didn’t really accelerate much faster, but it was a little faster.  Where I really noticed a difference was in how fast the car stopped now.  This should be a warning for all those with big and heavy wheels.  Your car could be stopping much quicker, providing more safety, if you had smaller and lighter wheels.  I was testing my gas mileage a lot too and noticed that I got very slightly better gas mileage.  It was such a small gain, it could be chalked up to margin of error.  But I felt good about the purchase of the wheels.

Here’s a shot of me from the event:

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