4:3 Wallpaper images

I decided to make a nice wallpaper image for my computer at work and what better subject than …. my car.

Anyway, here’s an 800×600 version to see what it looks like.


Now if you’d like to use this as your wallpaper, here is a 1600×1200 version that’s also a jpg:
1600×1200 jpg -> WP-200701b_1600x1200.jpg

I would recommend this .bmp version which is higher quality than the .jpg version. it’s in a .zip file so just download it and extract it.
1600×1200 bmp in zip file -> WP-200701b_1600x1200.zip

I realize that it’s my car and you may not necessarily want my car on your desktop. But for those who have a TRD stage 1 and a JDM nose badge, it will look like yours.  You may even be able to apply a filter to change the color.

Also, if others have wallpaper images that they’ve made or found, it may be nice to post those in this thread too.

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