2008 Florida Spring Fling Pics

Here’s some pics that I took yesterday at the meet. We ended up with a total of 6 MR2 Spyders in the show and Optimus Prime was there also, but not in the lot. So I guess you could say we had 7.

The day started out pretty slow with people showing up. gromit659 and I were the first to arrive. Followed by another owner from Melbourne. He said that he’s not on this forum though (Only uses MySpace).

Me (LordTakuban) = White
gromit659 = silver
Melbourne dude = black-ish with custom paint

Then russle and Spyderpez showed up (In that order). It was the first time I’d seen spyderpez with an actual spyder and not a subaru.   And I actually met Russle before he even bought his spyder at a Dyno Day event for an SR20 forum. I let him sit in my car and gave him a ride around the ghetto where the dyno place was. And he bought fairly soon after that.

SpyderPez = Black
Russle = Blue

Then another guy showed up with his significant other (I think). He didn’t really talk to any of us so I have no idea who he was. He’s the silver one on the far right.

… And here’s a short little video of our cars in the lineup:

All in all, it was a pretty good turn out. There was mainly 2nd gens. Some were done REALLY nice. Others …. not so much. It was good to meet up with some familiar faces and some new peeps too. I was able to deliver the goods to Optimus Prime. And it didn’t dawn on me until we were having lunch yesterday that I had already met Russle and in fact played a part in his decision to buy his car. I didn’t end up making it to the drag strip with the group due to issues with my room lock. so a little over an hour later and it was finally fixed (They had to replace the lock mechanism). Then I went to wash the bugs off of my car. when I got back, Everybody was gone. I met a couple dudes that drove down from Jacksonville in a 2nd Gen.

The crowd was a little younger than I thought it would be. It might be due to the 2nd Gen population. There was a pretty big range of ages though. Luckily, I wasn’t the oldest.   I didn’t win anything in the raffle (Neither did gromit), but it was still fun.

I did get something out of the event though…

1st Place for MR2 Spyder category.

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