Meguires Plastx

I’ve been meaning to try this stuff out for a while on my head lights. I just never got around to picking any up. Then my Brother-in-law got some and did his headlights. So he hooked me up with the stuff and I just finished using it on my headlights. The overall process is pretty easy. it’s *kind of* like a wax. Only you don’t need to wait for it to dry to buff it off. I still let it sit for a little while just because I thought it might give better results. I’m not sure if that was necessary. Also, I taped off the surrounding area so I wouldn’t get any of the stuff on the paint of rubber.

Here’s all the stuff that’s needed to use the product:

Here’s a before shot of my left headlight:

Here, is after I applied the PlastX to the headlight with the applicator pad:

And here’s after I buffed off the excess with a terry cloth towel:

And here’s a pic after I removed the tape and closed the hood:

I’ll see how long these good looks last and how often I’ll have to re-apply. But living down here in South Florida where the sun is out most of the time can really work these clear plastic pieces. If any of you guys or girls was considering trying this out but weren’t sure of the results or if it would be worth it, I hope this post helps. I’m pleased with the results.

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