Finally Inter-Cooled!!!

A few of you may know how long I’ve been planning and waiting for all of the pieces to come in to finally add an Air-to-Water Intercooler to my setup. Well, that wait is FINALLY over! It was a combined effort to acquire all of the components. I got most of the system from Web 3.0 a little over a year ago. It was essentially the inter-cooler kit (minus the actual inter-cooler) for his super charger setup. Then came the inter-cooler itself. I got that from KingSpyder. It’s a PWR barrel cooler with piping that happened to match up perfectly to my Power Enterprise Turbo setup. And I bought a few odds and ends at the hardware and auto part’s stores as well as onlin to complete the whole package. That included things like hose clamps and bendy things and an HKS SSQV BOV.

Most of the waiting was on the IC pipes. This was due in part to a really long delay KingSpyder was experiencing with getting some engine components back from a certain person that has become known for not being the most … punctual let’s just say.

When I got the IC pipes in, I instantly began murdering them out (painting them flat black with grill paint so they withstand heat well. This also matched my new flat black BOV. Installing the BOV was a MAJOR PITA! I mean there was swearing so bad, I’m surprised the cops weren’t called to a false homocide. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurt something. … Anyway …

Most of the install was with putting the Heat exchanger, pump, reservoir and hoses in place. And there was the cutting. Soooo much cutting. But I think everything turned out quite nicely. I still have one area to clean up a little as you’ll see in the pics below, but it’s working great so far.

The flow of water goes as follows: Reservoir Lower -> Pump -> in-side of inter-cooler -> out-side of inter-cooler -> Heat Exchanger Lower -> Heat Exchanger Upper -> Reservoir Upper.

The BOV sound is kinda wimpy sounding, for lack of a better term. It’s likely due to not running all that much boost (Max at ~7.5-8.0 psi). But I’ll live with it.


So, without further delay, here are some sweet sexy pics. That’s what you all clicked on this thread for anyway, right?

Here’s a few shots of the business end of the setup:




As you can see, I still have my meth/water injection:


Here’s where the Reservoir is located:


You can see from the first pic that I need to address the visual aspect of the tire bin now. I also need to come up with some sort of bin lid type thing. I’ve seen the fabric idea, but I don’t know how easy that will be to keep clean. I have 2 lids now that I’ll experiment with one of them and see what I can come up with. The Front STB doesn’t help matters either and was the real reason why there is nothing there now.

And finally, the money shot. The heat exchanger. This is the part that, well, looks cool. And it’s the only visible evidence of an inter-cooler that can be seen from the exterior.


Sorry about the angle. The car is in the garage and I had limited space. I was too lazy to back it out and the bright sun would have made taking the pics difficult anyway.


Now, if I could just get the new Wideband O2 setup installed… Then I’ll be able to start tuning again and realize the added power and benefit of the cooler intake charge.

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