Mostly assembled

Nearly all parts are ready on the new engine.  Serpentine belt is installed and new/remanufactured AC compressor is bolted on.  Same with a newer alternator.  Other pulleys are installed and looking good.  New colored coolant/heater hose is on hand and will be put on where appropriate.  Pictures will come soon enough, but I wanted to get some thoughts down and also hopefully provide some motivation to make more progress on this project.


I still need to figure out what thread size and pitch the water fitting holes in the IHI turbo from Power Enterprise are.  I will try to go to Home Depot on an upcoming weekend with the turbo and just keep checking bolts in the hardware section until I find the exact match and then get a good fitting in that size.  I would also like to either re-route the MAF sensor cables or get a female and male end for then to make an extension cable so there is a little more slack in that area.  It’s a bit tight in the current configuration and I would like to get as much right on this build as possible.


I have been looking at scissor lifts as well as shop cranes and comparing uses and costs.  The lift would be much easier to use, but costs a lot more and will require some ramp building and other various things.  The shop crane will help, but I worry that it will be a bit shaky or unstable.  either way, this will all need to be done in the garage so I can have enough down time to properly clean the engine bay, take the obligatory picture of me standing in the engine bay when the engine is out, and re-doing any wiring or hoses, fishing of various things, etc.  The lift will provide a lot of stability when doing these things for sure.


Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures for the next update and I’ll try to add some to this post later too.


Thanks for following along.

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