E-Brake Cables

One, or at least one, of my e-brake cables snapped on me a few years back.  I’ve been putting off replacing it since that job requires lowering the fuel tank.  However, with the possibility of a lift on the horizon, this may not be as difficult.  So it’s very possible that during the engine swap process to go to the Engine 2.0, I’ll also fix these cables.  I might even try to get a Hard Dog rollbar by then and do that install too.  But we will see.

One thing I’m not sure of is if there are any stronger cables or of any tips and tricks or best practices to getting these cables routed properly.  I’m also not sure of the best way to support the fuel tank once it’s lowered enough for the cables to clear.  The goal is to try to avoid as much scope-creep as possible.  Remove the “While I’m already in there…” type stuff.  That will be difficult, but I’m trying to go the route of doing this build the right way, the first time.  Now that it’s no longer my daily driver, I should be able to spend the time to do things exactly as I’d like them.

I know that my e-brake was never very strong before and if I didn’t also leave the car in gear when on even a shallow incline, the car would roll on its own.  I’m not sure if that was just signs of the cables weakening or if everyone’s car is like that.  I haven’t heard a lot of complaints about a weak e-brake, so it’s likely it was just in my case.  I should go and order those parts to have on hand for when I eventually get the lift and/or do the engine swap.  I’ll try to get any misc parts that would also need to be replaced while I’m at it.  See?  Here I go already with the “while I”m in there …” type stuff.  ha ha.

Does anyone have any tips for this job if you’ve done it before?  I hope to be doing this on a scissor lift that still has a good amount of clearance available.  Please post a comment if you do.


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