Engine Hangers

JapanParts was selling an engine a little while back.

Some people asked about the hangers pictured in it. Tem mentioned that they remove those when the engine is installed and that they were about $5.00 at the dealer. Well, I was looking up some part numbers for other misc fasteners and such and I decided to grab those part numbers in case anyone was interested. I’ve listed the MSRP of the parts, but you can likely get them cheaper depending on your local dealer.

There are 2 hangers. the No. 1 hanger was changed for the Dec, 2002 and up production date. I have no idea what the difference is, but it is a different part number. These were gotten from my microfiche printouts and the prices were gotten from doing a part lookup at the dealer.

No. 1
00-02 = 12281-15040 -> MSRP: $7.66
03-05 = 12281-15050 -> MSRP: $6.37

No. 2
00-05 = 12281-22021 -> MSRP: $6.94

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