Finally found a use for the stock antenna

It was raining yesterday and our patio has these drain holes that always seem to get stopped up. They’re just holes that go down into the ground. Nothing fancy. But when they aren’t draining properly, I get some standing water that just makes that section of the patio look like crap.

So my wife asked if I had anything long and skinny. After several manhood jokes later and several eye rolls from the wife, I said “I have the perfect thing for this!”. And I went out to the garage to search for that monstrosity that is the Stock Antenna. I handed it to her and she said “Are you sure you don’t need this?”. I said “That is NEVER going back on the car.”

So she used it on the drain hole and it worked fantastic! If anyone has a similar issue and still has the stock antenna, it works great for this. The antenna has a little ball on the end that probably helps too.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a somewhat relevant story to the site.

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