Lookie what I made ( CF Nose Badge )

So I smashed up my old CF Nose badge that I got from Hong (Pelican Racing) at an autocross event. And I was in need of a replacement, FAST. To solve my dilemma, I talked to m&m1951 about the possibilities of making a CF nose badge. … Now I already bought a black custom nose badge a while back to have as a backup in case anything ever happened. That is still my backup. … So back to the story. m&m1951 said he would sell me a cleaned and prepped badge and I could try to do the CF part myself. And if I was successful, I would be allowed to market the CF badges to the public. So it’s really a joint venture.

I’m using real carbon fiber in the good, JDM, 1×1 weave (None of that cheap-ass eBay crap. I tried that out and wasted a bit of money in my development).

So here’s the final product. This will be on my car at the Orlando meet this coming weekend. Let me know what you think:

Now to really get a feel for how it looks in person as you know CF never photographs as good as it is in person, I shot a small video. Please excuse the poor camera work. I was in a hurry.

This is the only one in existence right now. And I’ll be stress testing it for a bit. As long as it passes the tests and if there is any interest in these at all, then I’ll go ahead and make more. I don’t know about price yet. This is just to see if there’s any interest in these and I still need to make sure that the quality is up to my standards as I don’t want to produce a bad product and hurt my reputation.

So Holler back with comments.

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