Second AutoX Event

With 1 event under my belt, I was ready for more excitement.  This time, a friend came down and we went to the event together.  This time, it was at Homestead Miami Speedway.  It was on the kart track.  But it was a great venue for autocross.  lots of configuration options to choose from for the course designer and no solid barriers near by.  Those will damage your car if you hit them.  Speaking of crashes, I will say that I have only seen a couple incidents where a car got out of control and was actually damaged.  Anyway, back to the event…

It was a HOT day that Sunday.  The process went very similar to the first event that I attended.  I was still running in DP.  And for my work assignment, I was chasing after cones and picking them up when cars hit them.  There are multiple stations throughout the track.  Each has a walkie-talkie, red flag, and fire extinguisher in case of emergencies.  the walkie was usedto call in when a car hit a cone or went off course.  This can be a lot of exercise as you need to run after a cone and put it back in it’s place before the next car comes.  They are spaced about 20 seconds apart.  I worked first again this event and then ran afterwards.

When it was my turn, my runs were more consistent and spread across about 4 seconds instead of 7.  This was a fun course.  I could tell that I needed to learn a lot more car control as my car was pushing heavy into the turns.  I was basically coming in too hot and then losing speed on the exits of the turns.  I was still not doing terrible though.  I was no where near a good driver, but I was pretty good for a novice.  Being a novice, this event ended confirmed my interest and desire to compete in the sport.  I wanted more.

Another benefit of having a friend at the event, I was able to have a picture of myself running.  This one was taken by my friend from one of the worker stations:

Please don’t pay too much attention to the body roll that’s happening.  haha.

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