Time for some Numbers

Upon arriving at my third autocross event, I noticed a guy selling magnetic numbers for a decent price.  And since I had been lucky enough to always get my same number, I decided to purchase a set.  This also makes the whole setup prior to tech inspection go a lot quicker.  Otherwise you need to use up a good amount of 2″ painter’s tape “drawing” the numbers on the side of your car.  This worked OK for my car for a while because it’s white.  But just imagine if you had a blue car.  That didn’t stop some people from putting blue numbers on a blue car though.  Still, I wanted to at least look cool even though my times still had a long way to go to improve.

Basically the numbers are magnetic vinyl that was cut out in the shape of numbers.  They don’t need to be much more than that.  And They are easy to store on the side of a tool box or just flat laying down somewhere.

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