P.E. Turbo and Snow Performance Boost Cooler Install

It all started a few months ago or so. I was strolling through the for sale thread and noticed someone selling a used Power Enterprise turbo kit for a pretty cheap price. It had everything the kit comes with. Plus I was able to get the modified fuel pump piece so that was 1 less step I would have to do. In addition to all the turbo goodness, I also bought a Moroso Oil Pan from the same guy.


Now with a turbo on the way, I noticed AuburnSpyder was doing another round of his oil coolers. So I bought one of those too.


And wouldn’t you know it, I was just in time to actually need the awesome cubby pot from Gregg. So I bought that too.


Now I needed to fill the 3 gauge holes. I hunted like crazy for deals and I got them via eBay...

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MAX LITE HID Light Kit – Review

Well, I installed me some fancy HID’s on my car. Haters may make their “ricer” comments if they wish, but I like them so. 😛

I got the kit from the group buy in the commercial sales forum. The longest part of the install was deciding where to put the ballasts and starters. Well, for those that have bought the kits (or are going to buy them) and haven’t installed yet, you just caught a lucky break. I have pictures of where I mounted mine so it can save you the trouble when installing. The rest is *almost* plug and play.

NOTE: I have a 2001 model so some of what I’m going to tell you may not apply to you or may simply be wrong.

I removed the frunk lid. Then the plastic surround piece. Then I removed the frunk bucket too...

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JNZ Tuning Down Pipe Review

I finally finished editing my video that shows the sound difference between my prior setup and now with the main Cat replaced with the Down Pipe. So I figured I’d take this opportunity to write a full review of the product since I was the first to install.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a really high quality piece. The welds are great and it’s also 8.2 lbs lighter than the stock main cat. The pipe comes with new gaskets for the header side and the cat-back side as well as new hardware for both ends as well (2 Bolts, 5 Nuts, 5 washers)

All 17mm. Installation was done with the car on jack stands and I only removed the under panels to get to the pipe. So here’s how to install it (NOTE: Your results may vary. Follow these instructions at your own risk.)…




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4:3 Wallpaper images

I decided to make a nice wallpaper image for my computer at work and what better subject than …. my car.

Anyway, here’s an 800×600 version to see what it looks like.


Now if you’d like to use this as your wallpaper, here is a 1600×1200 version that’s also a jpg:
1600×1200 jpg -> WP-200701b_1600x1200.jpg

I would recommend this .bmp version which is higher quality than the .jpg version. it’s in a .zip file so just download it and extract it.
1600×1200 bmp in zip file -> WP-200701b_1600x1200.zip

I realize that it’s my car and you may not necessarily want my car on your desktop. But for those who have a TRD stage 1 and a JDM nose badge, it will look like yours.  You may even be able to apply a filter to change the color.

Also, if others have wallpaper images that they’ve made or found, it may...

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Video on Oval at Homestead Miami Speedway

Well, I finally got around to converting my MiniDV footage to something more download friendly. I drove about an hour down and an hour back for these 3 minutes of footage. It’s not too impressive, but I’m on the track at least.

Check it out.

You may want to do a save-as.

I also apologize for the camera work. My friend (Who may be looking for a MR2 Spyder soon) is a dunce when it comes to camcorders. Also, there is some swearing on the video. So for those offended by the F-word, keep the sound down.

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Autopower Rollbar – Impressions

Well, I installed the Autopower Rollbar today shortly before ptmon came over and we traded decklids (He purchased my spoiler). After all the garage work was done I went for a little drive. I was amazed at how solid the car feels now. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. I forgot to weigh the bar to see how much weight I added. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe 15-20 lbs.

I did lose 6lbs off the rear after “removing the spoiler”. I’ll gain another 4.6 lbs once I install the real TRD one. Not sure when I’ll get around to that though.

But anyway, i don’t want to thread drift too much…

Here are some comments on the install:

  • I followed the instructions on spydermagazine for the most part.
    Take off the door sil plastics in addition to the other 3 pieces. it will make it easier...
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Installing PFC, Datalogit and Innovate LC-1

This was something I wanted to do, but kept putting it off for a while as I wasn’t quite sure that I knew everything that I needed to know for the install. The biggest thing here is fear of the unknown. It’s not that hard to do, but it is scary to cut your wiring harness. At least it was for me. It is important to note that the LC-1 can be installed in different places. My information here is for installing it in stock O2 Sensor location 1 (Passenger side in header). The wiring will be a little different if you install into location 2 or if you have the bung installed and put it there.

I got the majority of my info from reading posts on the board from people like Tem. I got even more information from beanie and rando...

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Am I ready for a National Tour event?

Short answer:  No!  Below is a more detailed account of my entry into the SCCA Solo 2 National Tour in 2006.

I had done about 6 events with my local autocross club and was attending the membership meetings (I signed up to be a member at the 2nd event).  And in talking with a friend, Gordon, he mentioned the National Tour event in Ft. Myers.  I asked if I should even bother entering something like that.  He said “Sure.  It’s a great experience!”.  He was not wrong about that.  But more on that later.

First, signing up for the event was a bit more involved and it cost quite a bit more too.  I got a hotel room near by since this was a multi-day event.  The Friday was registration and initial tech inspection.  I arrived and was told I needed to pay $3...

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New wheels and tires for autocross

After competing in 4 events, I was really feeling how heavy my big 17″ wheels were.  I wasn’t quite ready to trailer my wheels to an event.  So I bought some nice tires to go on 15″ Flik Blast-C wheels from Edge Racing.  The tires were Hankook R-S2’s.  They were a little grippier than the Nitto tires that I had on the car already.  When I bought the wheels, I picked them up and had 1 in the frunk, 2 in the passenger seat area and 1 behind the driver’s seat.  It was a LONG drive home from Medley, Florida that day.  My knees were at my ears and doing anything but moving calmly in my same lane was a mission.  I made it home safe and sound though...

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Big Wheels keep on turnin’ … But slower

As you may or may not know, I recently bought some new wheels and tires to use for autocrossing. I like how my Big TSW’s look better than the Flik’s that I bought, but the Fliks are smaller and lighter. Here’s a pic of the new wheels on my car:


I did some PMD’s (Poor Mans Dyno) with the new wheels/tires vs the old wheels/tires. Before I list those results, here are some stats on the wheel and tire combos.

Weight (using bathroom scale):
RF – TSW Revo 17×8 with Nitto NT555 205/40/17 = 42.2lbs
RR – TSW Revo 17×8 with Nitto NT555 225/40/17 = 43.6lbs

RF – Flik Blast-C 15×6.5 with Hankook Ventus Rs2 Z212 205/50/15 = 34.2
RR – Flik Blast-C 15×6.5 with Hankook Ventus Rs2 Z212 205/50/15 = 34.0
So the weight difference is nearly 10lbs (9.4) for the rear wheel!

PMD Results:
1/2 tank of gas

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